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South East Games Factsheet

Based in Gold Coast, Australia
Founding Date: October 2, 2009
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  • Probably Archery (Steam)
  • Paint The Town Red (Steam)


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South East Games is an Australian independent game development company started by cousins Matthew Carr and Shane Carr.


Early History

After graduating from university, Matthew Carr (programming) and Shane Carr (art and sound) started South East Games to facilitate their game development projects. Working at nights and weekends while working day jobs (including working at game companies like THQ and The Creative Assembly), South East Games released a handful of small IOS games and apps through 2009 and 2010.

Full time work commitments made working on larger products difficult, but that was primarily what they wanted to do.

Probably Archery

While working on a large unannounced game project, they decided to make something small for a game jam, picking the 7DFPS game jam in 2013. Probably Archery was well received and popular enough to warrant the concept of a full version getting through Steam Greenlight. Developed over 2-3 months of part time work, Probably Archery was released on Steam on February 6. 2014.

Paint the Town Red

Neither Matt or Shane wanted to make something like Probably Archery again as a full game. It wasn't something they were personally excited about as more than a game jam game. Later in 2014, they decided to try making something for the 7DFPS game jam again, but this time it would be an idea that they would genuinely want to make into a full game. Paint the Town Red was made for the game jam in less than a week and was greenlit 21 days later. It will release on Early Access on Steam in October 2015.

Paint the Town Red Logo

Paint the Town Red Steam Early Access Teaser

Paint the Town Red Screenshots

Probably Archery Screenshots

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