Paint the Town Red F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who made Paint the Town Red?
    South East Games is a company founded and operated by cousins Matthew Carr (programmer) and Shane Carr (artist).

    In early 2019, Jeff van Dyck, a BAFTA award winning composer and Audio Director that Matthew and Shane had worked with previously at Creative Assembly and SEGA, was brought on to the team.

    The game was entirely developed by Matthew, Shane and Jeff, along with some additional sound effects work from Matt McCamley from Focus Audio and lots of grunts and screams from a bunch of talented voice actors and friends.
  • When was it made and released?
    We originally developed Paint the Town Red as a game jam game in late 2014 for the 7DFPS Game Jam over the course of 6 days. While that version was rudimentary compared to the final game, it was massively popular on and inspired us to make the full game.

    We released the first version of Paint the Town Red on Steam in Early Access on October 13 2015. Originally only featuring the Biker Bar and Disco Scenarios, we continually added to the game until was ready to leave Early Access on July 29 2021.

    We will be continuing to add to the game, particularly supporting the Level Editor and Workshop 
  • Will there be a Paint the Town Red 2?
    We'd love to continue to surprise people with new, innovative technology, gameplay and environmental storytelling in a sequel to Paint the Town Red. We have a lot of ideas, but right now we're developing an entirely new game as our follow up to Paint the Town Red.

Console vs PC Differences

  • What differences are there between platforms?
    While all the console versions of the game are essentially identical outside of graphical/resolution and performance differences, the PC version contains some extra features. The PC version has a Sandbox level, a Level Editor with Steam Workshop support so players can create and share levels and it also features cooperative multiplayer for up to four players for the Scenarios, Arena and Beneath.
  • Why is there no multiplayer on consoles?
    There are 2 primary reasons we weren't able to support multiplayer on the console versions of the game which are related to the size of our team and the extra performance and memory requirements of the multiplayer implementation.

    The development workload involved in adding and supporting multiplayer on the consoles was far outside the scope of what we could achieve in any reasonable time-frame. We never would have been able to bring the game to consoles and include multiplayer.

    Additionally, the extra memory and performance requirements of the multiplayer mode as it is on the PC would have been infeasible for the older generation of consoles.
  • Will you add multiplayer to the consoles later?
    We'd love to have multiplayer on the consoles and it's a possibility we'll continue to explore going forward, but there remain significant development hurdles. It should not be expected unless we officially announce we're adding it in a patch.
  • Why is there no Level Editor or Player Created Levels on consoles?
    This is similar to the multiplayer mode in that the development time and even more-so, the performance implications were far outside the scope of what we could achieve for this release of the consoles versions. Additionally there are many other factors that make this type of feature much harder to support on consoles in the same freeform way we do on PC.

    Because the player created levels can't have the same level of optimisation as with the built-in levels and have fairly generous limits on characters, props, scale, etc, the performance and memory available on most of the consoles would not be sufficient to support playing them.

Console Specifics

  • What are the performance targets on console?
    On the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch we target 30fps and on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 we target 60fps. On the Xbox Series S we include an option to choose between a 1440p 60fps Performance mode and a 4K 30fps Resolution mode.

    On all the consoles we include a Framerate Cap option that allows you to unlock the framerate. This can result in framerates up 120fps on some of the faster consoles in some parts of the game, but the framerate will generally be far less steady than with the Framerate Cap option engaged. We recommend you try both options in different areas of the game to decide your preference.

    On the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 we also include the ability to disable motion blur which has a side effect of slightly improving performance when disabled.
  • I've played on the PlayStation 4, will my save work on the PlayStation 5?
    Unfortunately we don't currently have the ability to import PlayStation 4 save data to the PlayStation 5 version of the game. This is something we hope to be able to support soon so please keep an eye out for any PlayStation 5 patches.
  • Is there anything missing from the Nintendo Switch version?
    No, the Nintendo Switch version is the exact same game as on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles. In fact we spent more time on the Nintendo Switch version to make sure the performance was as good as it could be in all areas of the game both in Handheld Mode and docked in TV Mode.

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